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Mitchel carrying a parade puppet of Donald Trump as a queer-coded sphynx in FestiFools of Ann Arbor.

Mitchel's Advocacy Work

Mitchel practices advocacy through the use of art, storytelling and community education. Though he focuses on what he knows best, LGBTQIA+ advocacy, Mitchel fights for all of his students to have their voices heard in the face of adversity. He works closely with public school systems, locally owned businesses and community non-profits to make sure his students are heard, validated and positively represented.

Side profile of Mitchel with text on the photo reading: "Mitchel Dipzinski | Blueberry Jam."


Blueberry Jam

Blueberry Jam is not meant to feel comfortable. It mirrors the disarray, confusion and pain that Mitchel and other advocates face when speaking out against hate. It mirrors the disjointed attempts to dehumanize our neighbors. It is the truth within the dangerous rhetoric happening across the nation. Blueberry Jam invites its audience to sit in the discomfort—to question why we are not holding community members accountable for making others feel this way in NE Michigan.



The Young Adult Council for Intersectional Voices promotes young adult led advocacy and change by engaging in personal and creative expression within the Alpena community and surrounding areas.

Mitchel running a community course to a class of young adults in the Art in the Loft classroom.


"Don't Say Gay"

Mitchel asks that those who feel discomfort while looking at the pieces question why. Why are you uncomfortable? How do you think the figure in the photos and within the narrative of “Reflections” feels when they are being labeled with the words causing that discomfort? Art tells a story, and Mitchel welcomes guests to see and read a piece of his.



Engages community members of NE Michigan in safe and open discussion around identity-related subjects in order to enrich knowledge base, strengthen allyship, and challenge bias within self and community 

Empower U Logo: text "empower" with a block letter "U."
Mitchel and his professor, Mark Tucker, making faces at the camera. Mark is dressed in a lit-up suit


Previous Art Projects

While in college, Mitchel engaged with the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti communities though festival puppetry, experimental and theatrical performance and poetry readings. 

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