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Don't Say Gay

Don’t Say Gay is based off the Florida bill by the same name. As a piece of Mitchel’s recent project, found, this collection highlights the stories of minority bodies in the face of majority bodies “finding out” about current oppressive systems. Mitchel asks that those who feel discomfort while looking at the pieces question why. Why are you uncomfortable? How do you think the figure in the photos and within the narrative of “Reflections” feels when they are being labeled with the words causing that discomfort? Art tells a story, and Mitchel welcomes guests to see and read a piece of his. As a gay man, he hopes Don’t Say Gay will show young queer people that they don’t have to hide—that it is very okay to be, and say, gay.

Black and White Photo of Mitchel sitting in his shower while wearing torn jeans and covered in slurs. His had is extended outwards, blocking the water from his face while his left hand is gripping the shower curtain. Black paint is rushing down him and down the drain.
Black and White image of Mitchel looking in the mirror. Slurs are written across his chest and across his face. He is bruised, and he is palpating his left cheek with his right hand, examining his black eye. There are streaks swirled down the mirror.
Poem transcript currently unavailable. Working to fix the issue.
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