A Quick Intro

Mitchel is a small-town guy making  big waves in the community of Alpena, MI by finding new ways to engage with those around him through art and poetry. In college he focused his studies on how language can be used not only as a source of oppression, but also how it can act as a central pillar of cultural identity. Out of college, Mitchel focuses on how art--in any medium and as a branch of one's identity--can be used to tell the artist's story.


Mitchel mentors teens and young adults and facilitates spaces where they can explore their own creative processes and unique voices. He works with his mentees as they develop leadership skills centered around themes they are interested in, and he encourages them to speak out through their art and create space for themselves to be heard and seen. 

In the future, Mitchel hopes to receive his PhD in Linguistics to continue his work as a teacher and mentor at the University level. He believes that every story deserves to be heard, and he dreams of helping young adults find their voices in language, art and community engagement. 

What I'm Known For

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Commitment to Inclusion

I believe one must play an active role in the worlds of advocacy and civil rights. To do so, I create spaces with the knowledge and recognition of a long and complex history in which language, art and freedom of expression have been both incredibly harmful and empowering. With the idea of inclusion being the most important, I challenge myself and those around me to hold a consistent commitment to respectful discourse and behaviors. I recognize that education and advocacy both require patience and restorative practices for growth to take place. Patience should not be confused for an allowance of blatantly disrespectful discourse or behavior, though, and I am not obligated to engage with or give space to those who are exhibiting these harmful behaviors. 






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