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Blueberry Jam Community Talk-Back
Feminine Pose on Couch - from _Expressions_ 2023

Mitchel Dipzinki

Protest Artist/Queer Advocate | Co-Founder/-Facilitator of the Poetics Lab





Alpena, MI

Persoal Statement

Personal Statement

Mitchel is a queer artist in NorthEast Michigan who specializes in multi-medium poetry and protest art. He uses his art to engage the community in difficult conversations about identity, inclusivity and bias, and he excels at responding to the needs and current events of his hometown. Mitchel also collaborates closely with local artists and community organizers to reach a wide audience across NE Michigan. 

Mitchel's goal is to one day return to college to earn a PhD in Linguistics or English Lit. His primary focus in academia has been and will continue to be minority story telling, linguistic empowerment and advocacy.


Mitchel hopes that through both his art and academic backgrounds, he can empower others to express themselves freely and openly to the world.

Recent Work

Recent Work Experience

09/2022 - Present

07/2021 - Present

01/2021 - Present

RTI Specialist

AMA Educational School District

- Collaborate with teachers and other staff within the schools to develop educational plans uniquely catered to each individual on the case load

- Provide consistent and researched reading intervention programs to students in Kindergarten through Third Grade

- Monitor and document progress of each student to provide accurate impact assessments

Gallery Associate

Art in the Loft

- Communicate with local artists and coordinate the exhibition of their pieces within an art gallery in NorthEast Michigan

- Arrange the gallery floor to best suit events occurring within the space and facilitate a variety of community activities

- Discuss, sell and package art pieces of various mediums and advocate on behalf of artists and their commission prices


the Poetics Lab

- Network with community partners to promote the organization's mission and raise funds for community programming

- Organize finances and develop budgets for individual and year-long programs

- Write grants and funding requests catered to identity workshops and arts-based education opportunities

- Facilitate community poetry workshops centered on identity construction and performance while also providing the necessary foundation of skills to write a poem

- Work effectively with a team to create, promote and facilitate a start-up organization and adapt plans according to the needs of that organization

- Emcee public and virtual events in a welcoming and inclusive fashion

Education & Training

Educational Experience and Training

October, 2023 - Present

September, 2015 - May, 2019

Central Michigan University

Non-Profit Management

               Certificate Course

University of Michigan


               Bachelor of Arts

Linguistic Development, Oppression and Empowerment

- Understand the cognitive development and evolution of language within society and the individual while recognizing how they affect cultural biases and perpetuate oppressive powers

- Research the power of language in the processes of identity construction, world-building and minority empowerment

Positive Representation Within Media

- Facilitate constructive conversations surrounding representations of minority identities within the media, including various mediums of literature, art and film

- Recognize both harmful stereotypes and positive representations present in media and critically analyze how medium, genre and form impact how audience members take in and perceive the information

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training

- Reflect on and discuss biases--both internalized and societal--and their effect on how we as individuals and as a community engage with one another

- Unpack and communicate ideas of privilege and oppression while also showcasing examples of community empowerment

Bystander Intervention Training

- Recognize and intervene during harmful situations in which one is participating as a bystander

- Understand the impact of microaggressions while taking responsibility of the observed situation and checking in with the effected individual(s) afterwards

Community Engagement Training

- Facilitate engaging social and educational activities within residential and academic settings

- Assess the specific needs of a community to better provide unique social and educational opportunities that best support those needs

Social and Psychological Development

- Work with developing individuals to best curate appropriate educational and social opportunities 

- Understand the effects of complex societal and cultural pressures and expectations on a developing individual's perception of community, comfort and safety

Community Engagement

Community Enagement

November, 2022 - Present

November, 2022


June, 2021 - January 2022

August 3rd, 2021

January, 2019 - March 2020

Monthly Open Mics                                                                                  the Poetics Lab

Virtual/In-Person Themed Open Mic Nights

Banned Book Club

Community Discussion on Banned Books

Flamer by Mike Curato

the Community Chapbook Release                                                  the Poetics Lab

Virtual/In-Person Open-Mic Night

               August 7th, 2021

               August 20th, 2022

               August 18th, 2023

Summer Poetry Workshop Series                                                     the Poetics Lab

Virtual/In-Person Poetry Workshop and Community Reading

               June 7th-12th, 2021

               June 6th-11th, 2022

               June 12th-17th, 2023

Alpena Board of Education

LGBTQIA+ Advocacy

APS BOE Town Hall

LGBTQIA+ Advocacy

Production Assistant & Puppeteer

FestiFools Studio and Celebration

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